What’s in a DAY?

  • A day begins in the morning, at dawn.
  • A day has the sense of 24 hrs only because from the beginning of 1 day to the beginning of the next day, it’s roughly 24hrs.
  • The work of creation was performed during the day, not the night period
  • God paused his creative work at dusk (when it became night)

Va’yikra elohim l’ohr yom v’lakshekh v’lachoshech kara laylah vayehi-erev vayehi-voker yom echad – Genesis 1:5

And God called the light day, and the darkness He called night, and it became evening/dusk and it became morning, day one.

In order to understand when a day begins, let’s follow the flow of the narrative. In the previous verse, God separated between the light and between the darkness. And now, here, the light is called “day”, and the darkness is called “night”. Now pay attention to what happens next.

Then it became evening. It became evening after the creation of light, after the separation of light from darkness, and after the naming of light and darkness. In short, the creative work was done during the time period thats coincides, from this point forward, with the light/day. God paused his creative work during the night period. And so too, does man perform most of his work during the day.

Later on, we will explore if “day”, as it is often meant in the bible, refers specifically/only to the light period?

Stay tuned.

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