The bible...How many of us understand this collection of books that we've possessed for the majority of our lives? I can remember what I consider to be my first copy, given to me by my uncle. He handed it to me with great pride and joy, and yet, the text therein, for a time, was tantamount to being a foreign language. Totally incomprehensible to me...

However, over the years, I've engaged in intense studying, in between college assignments and later, professional career responsibilities. During that time, I've learned a great deal. Though not satisfied and with much more to go, I would like to record those lessons, in addition to thoughts, observations, and theories that I have.

Accordingly, this is my journal chronicling my thoughts on the Bible and what the interpretations, therein, appear to be, to me, along with details explaining why. My objective isn't to be narrow-minded, but rather, to expound on an interpretation, gather and engage in community feedback, and grow. Thus, feel free to leave a comment under posts. The more we can objectively, without bias, search out, the closer we can get to the meaning, as was intended.  I only ask that disagreements are accompanied by reasoning. I'm open ears and am not married to what I BELIEVE the interpretation to be, but rather, my desire is to KNOW the real meaning thereof.